Dallas, PA


Reliable Propane Delivery for Customers in the Dallas, PA Area

If you depend on propane for your heating or other services, a dependable, cheap fuel provider is essential. That's where we come in. We are a well-established, local company that's been providing fuel oil services and propane services since 1950! We pride ourselves on our reputation for high-quality products and excellent customer care. While our propane, oil, diesel and other fuel options remain competitively priced, our aim is always to give our customers the fuel they need with a convenient, user-friendly experience.

24/7 Emergency Fuel Services

New Particularly when you live out of town, finding out that your fuel supplies are much lower than you'd thought can cause real difficulties. If you suddenly find that you've run out of fuel, just call us out and we'll bring supplies any time, day or night. In addition to providing emergency service, we also offer commercial fuel delivery and wholesale fuel delivery services for free. No matter what your fuel needs might be, we can come up with a suitable solution.

Propane Tanks Delivery and Installation

Whether you want to change your fuel source to propane, or already have a propane system but need a replacement tank, you can depend on us to deliver to you. We source high-grade propane tanks from manufacturers that have a good reputation for robust, durable products. Our team can both deliver and install your new propane tank, ensuring you have a safe and efficient system in place. We also offer on-going servicing and routine maintenance, keeping your tank in good condition for a longer period of time.

Family-Owned Gas Stations in Dallas, PA

We are a third-generation family business that's dedicated to offering our customers premium fuel options for less. Why not pay us a visit at one of our two local gas stations? From helpful budget payment plans to help spread out the cost of your fuel purchases, through to a handy convenience store attached to each of our gas stations, we try to always go the extra mile and give you more. To find out more, call us at (570) 288-2183. 
Heating Oil $2.45 a gallon!
Call: 570-288-2183
We have been in business since 1950!
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